Professional Development

The Maths4All project seeks to provide a number of different ways to support professional development- through webinars, through TeachMeets, and through website content such as the professional development modules shown below. Click on the relevant buttons to see details of our upcoming TeachMeets and Webinars.

This website has been developed with and for early years practitioners and teachers in both preschool and primary school settings with attention to the meta-practices of NCCA research report 18.  Practitioners and teachers across these different settings may find different parts of the website of interest, but many sections are relevant to both groups.

While it is possible to explore this content independently, we encourage you to find ways to explore and discuss the materials with others (for example, in staff development sessions or by using the T-Rex (Teachers’ Research Exchange)  platform to find others who are interested in the same topics). The T-Rex platform is a platform which allows you to connect with Irish teachers, students, and other educational professionals. Register on T-Rex to join the Maths4All group.