We presented our first webinar, A Problem-Solving Approach to Teaching the Strand of Number, in conjunction with Clare Education Centre on 25th March 2021. The goal of this webinar was to provide practical advice on using a problem-solving approach. Short video clips and examples of children’s work, which were gathered as part of the Maths4All project, were used to help illustrate the potential of a problem-solving approach to teaching mathematics.

Conversations about Problem Solving

Are you interested in trying out some problem-solving activities in your classroom? Would you like to meet other teachers to talk about how it went and to share ideas?

If you are interested in joining a small group of teachers online to share ideas about mathematics teaching, please include your details here.

Feedback on Resources

We are developing some new resources for the Maths4All website and are interested in getting teachers’ feedback so that we can improve our offerings.

If you are interested in giving feedback on the website resources, please see here for further details.